Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

Submission guidelines

Guidelines for submissions to the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

Cover sheet

  1. Submissions lodged by email or post must be accompanied by an attached cover sheet. The cover sheet will require you to provide:
    1. the name for publication for the submission;
    2. your contact details should further information or clarification be required;
    3. whether you wish for your submission to be confidential or anonymous;
    4. whether your submission contains third party information relating to individuals;
    5. evidence of consent if your submission contains third party information.
  2. Submissions lodged online will also require you to provide the information requested in the cover sheet.
  3. Please note that anonymity and confidentiality are not automatic and are possible only through negotiation with the Secretariat.

Cover sheet for submissions (Word 42 KB)
Cover sheet for submissions (PDF 14 KB)

Lodgement of submissions

  1. Submissions may be lodged via:
    Post:   MDP 150, GPO Box 9848 Canberra ACT 2601

Format of submissions

  1. Submissions should be clearly marked ‘Submission’.
  2. Submissions sent via post must be either typed or written clearly in black ink on A4 paper.
  3. Submissions lodged via email must be in Microsoft Word (DOC), Rich Text Format (RTF) or Portable Document Format (PDF).

Acknowledgement of submissions

  1. You can confirm receipt of submissions by contacting the Review Committee Secretariat via email

Release/Publication of Submissions

  1. The majority of submissions will be made available on the Review website and may be referred to in the Review Committee’s report, along with the author’s name and relevant state, unless confidentiality has been negotiated with the Secretariat.
  2. Submissions received via post will be available in PDF on the Review website.
  3. If you have concerns in having your name published on the internet or if you wish to make a confidential submission, please contact the Secretariat.


  1. The personal information collected will be used for the purposes of informing the Food Labelling Law and Policy Review Committee of your views regarding the review of food labelling law and policy.
  2. If a submission contains information relating to a third party individual, the author of the submission is taken to have obtained the expressed and informed consent of the relevant third party.

Discretion of Review Committee to refuse to publish material

  1. The Review Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish submissions, or parts of submissions, which contain offensive language, potentially defamatory material or copyright infringing material.

Conditions of submission

  1. By making a submission, you will be taken to have read, understood and agreed to all conditions set out in this guidelines document.

Guidelines for download

Submission guidelines (Word 35 KB)
Submission guidelines (PDF 16 KB)

Page last updated: 01 March, 2010