Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

Submissions to the Food Labelling Review

The Panel drew on these submissions to inform the development of its Report. The Review Panel made a presentation to the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council in December 2010 and publicly released their Final Report on 28 January 2011. The Final Report will be provided to COAG in early 2011.

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy.

Published submission formats

Submissions were invited to be lodged by 14 May 2010. The Food Labelling Law and Policy Review Committee appreciates the contributions of all organisations and individuals who have made submissions.

Submissions provided in confidence have not been posted on this website.

Submissions or parts of submissions may not have been published if they contained offensive language, potentially defamatory material, or copyright infringing material.

Responsibility for copyright in submissions resides with the author(s), not with the Department of Health and Ageing.

Submissions lodged by post have been converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) for publication and may have a different appearance to the document that was submitted.

If you have difficulty accessing the information provided and need further assistance, please send an email to

NumberPublish NamePublished format
00397Ms Elizabeth MarsdenPostal/Email Submission
00587NSW Department of Premier and CabinetPostal/Email Submission
00400Michelle Denise Consumers for GM Free FoodPostal/Email Submission
00403Timaru (NZ) dietitians working in Public HealthPostal/Email Submission
00404Dr Melinda Pearson Paws to HealPostal/Email Submission
00405Dorothy RedreauPostal/Email Submission
00407Colin CookPostal/Email Submission
00411Vic CherikoffPostal/Email Submission
00413Neil NormanPostal/Email Submission
00414David P. Riddell (Individual)Postal/Email Submission
00416Nathalie Haymann (Ms)Postal/Email Submission
00418AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00419Dr Peter M. HillPostal/Email Submission
00424George CarrardPostal/Email Submission
00426AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00428AUT Label ConceptPostal/Email Submission
00431Distilled Spirits Association of New Zealand IncPostal/Email Submission
00432Anne-Marie CopelandPostal/Email Submission
00433Tim MacindoePostal/Email Submission
00442Australian Greens Victoria, Animals Working GroupPostal/Email Submission
00444Gus & Claire JohnsonPostal/Email Submission
00445West Australian Country Health Service – South West, DieititiansPostal/Email Submission
00447Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00448Royal Australasian College of PhysiciansPostal/Email Submission
00449World GrowthPostal/Email Submission
00450Australian Lot Feeders’ Association Postal/Email Submission
00451VITACO HEALTH (NZ) LIMITEDPostal/Email Submission
00456Australian Pork LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00460Obesity Policy CoalitionPostal/Email Submission
00463Tania Cummings (Safe Food Advocate) PLEASE NOTE: Advocate - NOT “Activist” as described on Public Forum reportPostal/Email Submission
00465Dietitians Association of AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00466Janine Waller National FoodsPostal/Email Submission
00469Biological Farmers of Australia Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00471AUSBUY – The Australian Companies InstitutePostal/Email Submission
00472ASEHA Qld Inc and National Toxic Network, Inc Submission to the food labeling reviewPostal/Email Submission
00474Mr. Don CraigPostal/Email Submission
00477Simone Mitchell-NolanPostal/Email Submission
00479Consumers SAPostal/Email Submission
00480Flavour South Australia, the food industry association inc.Postal/Email Submission
00481Kidney Health New Zealand and Kidney Health Australia and Renal Dietitians Postal/Email Submission
00482CHOICE (Australian Consumers’ Association)Postal/Email Submission
00488Perth ZooPostal/Email Submission
00489Emma BugdenPostal/Email Submission
00490Australian Division of World Action on Salt and HealthPostal/Email Submission
00492AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00493Australian Beverages Council Limited (ABCL)Postal/Email Submission
00494Peter VolkerPostal/Email Submission
00495Dr Trevor C BeardPostal/Email Submission
00503Dylan CopelandPostal/Email Submission
00504Robert WestonPostal/Email Submission
00528La Leche League New ZealandPostal/Email Submission
00529Australian Food and Grocery CouncilPostal/Email Submission
00530JANET SAXTONPostal/Email Submission
00531Australian Medical AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00532Joy MaxwellPostal/Email Submission
00533Cancer Council AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00535Ms Laurence LerouxPostal/Email Submission
00536Lorraine FordPostal/Email Submission
00537MADGE Australia Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00542RSPCA AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00545Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA)Postal/Email Submission
00552SA Genetic Food Information NetworkPostal/Email Submission
00553Allan Stephen MeersPostal/Email Submission
00554David SmithPostal/Email Submission
00557AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00561John KahlerPostal/Email Submission
00562John WintersPostal/Email Submission
00563Holistic Services Group Pty LtdPostal/Email Submission
00564Muriel KinsonPostal/Email Submission
00565AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00567Humphrey Andrew FirkinsPostal/Email Submission
00572Northern Territory Seafood CouncilPostal/Email Submission
00573Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI)Postal/Email Submission
00574AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00575George SeymourPostal/Email Submission
00576Gene EthicsPostal/Email Submission
00582Far North Alcohol TeamPostal/Email Submission
00583Ms. Pola LekstanPostal/Email Submission
00584The New Zealand King Salmon CompanyPostal/Email Submission
00585South Australian Farmers FederationPostal/Email Submission
00586Winemakers Federation of AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00593National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Related DisordersPostal/Email Submission
00596Murray Goulburn Co-operative Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00603Braidwood GreensPostal/Email Submission
00604Ecological Agriculture Australia AssocationPostal/Email Submission
00606Department of Health, Western AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00612Gai MarshallPostal/Email Submission
00613Northland District Health BoardPostal/Email Submission
00617David Panasiak, Food Regulation Consultant Food Liaison Pty Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00619David WhitePostal/Email Submission
00623Government of South AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00627DAIRY AUSTRALIAPostal/Email Submission
00628Ms Mary Porter MLA, Member for GinninderraPostal/Email Submission
00631Tara WardPostal/Email Submission
00632Seafood Services Australia (See more information about SSA on website: Submission
00633Institute of Public AffairsPostal/Email Submission
00634Queensland ConservationPostal/Email Submission
00635Tom Clark - individualPostal/Email Submission
00638AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00641School of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong Postal/Email Submission
00645AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00647Australian Egg Corporation LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00650Carol BartlePostal/Email Submission
00652Ethical Consumer Group Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00653Annie HigginsonPostal/Email Submission
00655Simon Field, Salsi Pty Ltd trading as Olive BusinessPostal/Email Submission
00656Omega-3 CentrePostal/Email Submission
00657Australian Chronic Disease Prevention AlliancePostal/Email Submission
00659Greenpeace Australia PacificPostal/Email Submission
00660The Wilderness Society, WA IncPostal/Email Submission
00661FOE (Fight the Obesity Epidemic)Postal/Email Submission
00666Elizabeth PearsonPostal/Email Submission
00668Linda AndrewsPostal/Email Submission
00671AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00672Maureen Grant Postal/Email Submission
00673Public Interest Law Clearing House Inc Postal/Email Submission
00674John lee Postal/Email Submission
00675Gillian Blair, Secretary, Sustainable Agriculture and Communities Alliance, Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00679AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00683Flinders University, Research Team on Food Marketing to ChildrenPostal/Email Submission
00684Restaurant & Catering Australia Postal/Email Submission
00685Roz SingPostal/Email Submission
00692Food Intolerance Network Postal/Email Submission
00702Baljurda Comprehensive Consulting Pty LtdPostal/Email Submission
00706Otto MuellerPostal/Email Submission
00707Executive Council of Australian JewryPostal/Email Submission
00710Jennifer JuddPostal/Email Submission
00711David WilliamsPostal/Email Submission
00712Aged and Community Services Western AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00713AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00714Bayer CropSciencePostal/Email Submission
00715Mr John WhitePostal/Email Submission
00716City of PerthPostal/Email Submission
00717David & Patricia GrundyPostal/Email Submission
00718Janet AblittPostal/Email Submission
00719AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00723Veronica Griffin PhDPostal/Email Submission
00724Colin WalesPostal/Email Submission
00725Individual ConsumerPostal/Email Submission
00727Ian YaretskyPostal/Email Submission
00729Greenpeace: GM food - our right to know petition - over 24,200 signatures on 29 April 2010Postal/Email Submission
00737AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00739Lloyd GaskePostal/Email Submission
00745Julia WardPostal/Email Submission
00749Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00792Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and ForestryPostal/Email Submission
00795Government of VictoriaPostal/Email Submission
00796Randwick City CouncilPostal/Email Submission
00815Queensland HealthOnline Submission
00254Patricia ThorntonPostal/Email Submission
00398Dr Michael WadsleyPostal/Email Submission
00401Rebecca TalbotPostal/Email Submission
00402Fair Dinkum Food CampaignPostal/Email Submission
00408Lyn and Brian BagnallPostal/Email Submission
00412Southland Interagency ForumPostal/Email Submission
00415Queensland Consumers AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00420Vicki WilsonPostal/Email Submission
00422AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00425National Heart Foundation of AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00430Sugar Australia Pty. Ltd.Postal/Email Submission
00434Katie Lucille FalkinerPostal/Email Submission
00438Association of New Zealand AdvertisersPostal/Email Submission
00440National Farmers FederationPostal/Email Submission
00443CropLife AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00446Professor David Sless - Communication Research Institute LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00452Humane Society InternationalPostal/Email Submission
00454Ms Melissa Parke MP Federal Member for FremantlePostal/Email Submission
00455Auckland District Kidney Society Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00458Mr Peter NicholsPostal/Email Submission
00459Zoos VictoriaPostal/Email Submission
00461NESTLE AUSTRALIAPostal/Email Submission
00462Slow Food AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00464Roger JoynerPostal/Email Submission
00467Dow AgroSciences AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00468Barristers Animal Welfare PanelPostal/Email Submission
00470New Zealand Food and Grocery CouncilPostal/Email Submission
00475The Coeliac Society of Australia IncPostal/Email Submission
00476GM FREE CONSUMERS NETWORKPostal/Email Submission
00483Anaphylaxis Australia IncPostal/Email Submission
00486AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00487Michael ByrnePostal/Email Submission
00496Linda & Brian SymonsPostal/Email Submission
00498Tom MartinPostal/Email Submission
00499Eva GregorichPostal/Email Submission
00500Complementary Healthcare Council of AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00501Animals Australia Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00502Emma ShortPostal/Email Submission
00505Alcohol Advisory Council of NZPostal/Email Submission
00507Ian OnleyPostal/Email Submission
00510Northern Territory Department of Health and FamiliesPostal/Email Submission
00511National Drug Research InstitutePostal/Email Submission
00512Renaee ChurchesPostal/Email Submission
00513Alison CarmanPostal/Email Submission
00514Shirley Schurmann, RN, B. ApplSci, M.Ed Studies, Dip. Health Sci., Nutri. Enviro. Med.Postal/Email Submission
00516Charles and Maija SpencePostal/Email Submission
00517Agencies for Nutrition ActionPostal/Email Submission
00518Cancer Society of New Zealand Inc.Postal/Email Submission
00519Mrs Gail Matthews, Chair Western Australian Consumer Committee, Kidney Health AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00520Friends of the Earth AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00521Voiceless, the animal protection institutePostal/Email Submission
00522Joy CrockerPostal/Email Submission
00523Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00524Perriam and AssociatesPostal/Email Submission
00527Sanitarium Health Food CompanyPostal/Email Submission
00538Hawkes Bay District Health BoardPostal/Email Submission
00540Go Grains Health & Nutrition LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00543Australian Quick Service Restaurant Industry Group comprising Hungry Jack’s, Yum (Pizza Hut and KFC), McDonald’s and the Quick Service Restaurant Holdings (Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Oporto).Postal/Email Submission
00544Mars NZ Postal/Email Submission
00547Food and Beverage Importers AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00548Nuts for LifePostal/Email Submission
00549Salt Matters—Australia New ZealandPostal/Email Submission
00556Anna HitchcockPostal/Email Submission
00558Kraft Foods LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00559Infinity Fisheries Pty LtdPostal/Email Submission
00560John MascarenhasPostal/Email Submission
00566Karin CalfordPostal/Email Submission
00568Kerrianne SpringfordPostal/Email Submission
00569AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00571Madeleine LovePostal/Email Submission
00577Michelle Mclaren BNutDietPostal/Email Submission
00579Free Range Pig Farmers AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00580Office of the Hon. Lynn MacLaren MLC for South Metropolitan Region Western Australia Parliament (Greens WA spokesperson on food and GMO issues)Postal/Email Submission
00581Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens Postal/Email Submission
00588M DewsePostal/Email Submission
00589AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00594Penny WadsleyPostal/Email Submission
00595AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00598Mars AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00599Saul StanderwickPostal/Email Submission
00602AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00605Food Standards Australia New ZealandPostal/Email Submission
00609The National Council of Women of New ZealandPostal/Email Submission
00610(Mrs.) Linley Grant OAM – BA(Hons)Postal/Email Submission
00614Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd Postal/Email Submission
00615Campbell Arnott’s Asia PacificPostal/Email Submission
00616Patricia ChigwiddenPostal/Email Submission
00618Animal Law Committee of the Law Society of South AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00620AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00621The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand IncPostal/Email Submission
00637Columban Justice Peace & Integrity of Creation OfficePostal/Email Submission
00639George Weston Foods LimitedPostal/Email Submission
00640INFANT NUTRITION COUNCIL Postal/Email Submission
00642Australian Industry Group - Confectionery SectorPostal/Email Submission
00643Institute of Health and Environmental Research Inc (IHER)Postal/Email Submission
00644Margo SaundersPostal/Email Submission
00646Kathleen DelleyPostal/Email Submission
00648Alcohol & other Drugs Council of AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00649Australian Meat Industry CouncilPostal/Email Submission
00654Elizabeth MorsePostal/Email Submission
00658Margaret Florence FoyPostal/Email Submission
00664Maureen MinchinPostal/Email Submission
00669Cattle Council of Australia Postal/Email Submission
00670Prof Peter Howe Nutritional Physiology Research Centre University of South AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00676Australian National Retailers AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00677Individual SubmissionPostal/Email Submission
00678Local Food ConnectPostal/Email Submission
00682The Heart Foundation of New ZealandPostal/Email Submission
00688Friends of the Earth AdelaidePostal/Email Submission
00690Food Assist Pty LtdPostal/Email Submission
00691Department of Premier and Cabinet, TasmaniaPostal/Email Submission
00693Consumers for GM Free FoodPostal/Email Submission
00694Alcohol Policy CoalitionPostal/Email Submission
00696David DixonPostal/Email Submission
00698New Zealand Nutrition FoundationPostal/Email Submission
00699Cherry Growers of Australia IncPostal/Email Submission
00700Horticulture Coalition of South AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00701Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00726Rosemary and Arthur LathourisPostal/Email Submission
00728Jackie FairhallPostal/Email Submission
00730New Zealand GovernmentPostal/Email Submission
00734Ronald MarkePostal/Email Submission
00736Department of Agriculture and Food, Western AustraliaPostal/Email Submission
00740Judith SperlingPostal/Email Submission
00741Kelvin Thomson MPPostal/Email Submission
00773Tara DaviesPostal/Email Submission
00774Riverina CitrusPostal/Email Submission
00775Dr Ben GoscombePostal/Email Submission
00776Di JohnstonePostal/Email Submission
00778John R. GrahamPostal/Email Submission
00779J SzwarcbardPostal/Email Submission
00001Peter H. BennettOnline Submission
00002Jean L.M.Hicks BA(Eng)Online Submission
00004AnonymousOnline Submission
00006Group Against Liquor Advertising (GALA)Online Submission
00007Oz Compliance - Australian Authenticity LogoOnline Submission
00013lily bourneOnline Submission
00014Ron Gray Online Submission
00015Rev Hon Dr Gordon Moyes AC MLCOnline Submission
00016The White FamilyOnline Submission
00017AnonymousOnline Submission
00018S. A. WardPostal/Email Submission
00019Yasumi TebecisOnline Submission
00020Barb HannonOnline Submission
00024paul KennedyOnline Submission
00025Andrew ReynoldsOnline Submission
00027Healthy Kids NaturallyOnline Submission
00028AnonymousOnline Submission
00029Prof Ross BarnardOnline Submission
00034Organic Federation of AustraliaOnline Submission
00036Consumer NZOnline Submission
00038Wellington Zoo TrustOnline Submission
00154Mrs Mac's Pty LtdOnline Submission
00155FTAAOnline Submission
00165Tracey JongensOnline Submission
00166Kimberly BanschbachOnline Submission
00174Jason WoodforthOnline Submission
00192Maree KratzerOnline Submission
00202AnonymousOnline Submission
00205Food Irradiation Watch - Friends of the Earth BrisbaneOnline Submission
00207Australians for PalestineOnline Submission
00216New Zealand Retailers AssociationOnline Submission
00220Amfep (Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme Products, EU) & ETA (Enzymes Technical Association, US)Online Submission
00245Master Fish Merchants' Association of AustraliaOnline Submission
00263Zoo and Aquarium AssociationOnline Submission
00288Greenpeace AustraliaOnline Submission
00289GreenpeaceOnline Submission
00292Horticulture New ZealandOnline Submission
00310Hexima LimitedOnline Submission
00311Free Range Egg & Poultry Association of AustraliaOnline Submission
00312Hayden RussellOnline Submission
00318Infant Feeding Assoication of New Zealand (Trust)Online Submission
00320New Zealand Seafood Industry CouncilOnline Submission
00330Prof Doug SellmanOnline Submission
00338Lucy PearsonOnline Submission
00339Eco Agri InternationalPostal/Email Submission
00358Wyeth Australia Pty LimitedOnline Submission
00359Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers AssociationPostal/Email Submission
00360Nathan RenaultPostal/Email Submission
00362Jaden HarrisOnline Submission
00385FTA AUSTRALIAPostal/Email Submission
00392Healthy Kids AssociationOnline Submission
00172Denise L PIERCEPostal/Email Submission
00045Leslie Grey McCawleyOnline Submission
00048Greg HoldawayOnline Submission
00052Burwell DoddOnline Submission
00053Kylie JonesOnline Submission
00057Neil RenshawOnline Submission
00061Wendy LydallOnline Submission
00062Pat McNairOnline Submission
00064Archibald honeyOnline Submission
00133Kerrie LayOnline Submission
00143Moreland City Council - Environmental HealthOnline Submission
00150Bernie McCombOnline Submission
00159oksana sokolOnline Submission
00162Consumers for GM Free Food, Margaret River BranchOnline Submission
00167Irene E. SchardijnOnline Submission
00217Margaret Findlater-SmithOnline Submission
00218Dr Owen Carter, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control, Curtin UniversityOnline Submission
00221Clinical Trials Research Unit, University of AucklandOnline Submission
00227Dr Rosemary Stanton OAMOnline Submission
00241Arlene LerouxOnline Submission
00255Cara MacLeodOnline Submission
00272AnonymousOnline Submission
00276Food Policy CoalitionOnline Submission
00277Theresa BeecroftOnline Submission
00278Celia McPartlinOnline Submission
00281AnonymousOnline Submission
00293The Wrigley CompanyPostal/Email Submission
00294Peter FenwickOnline Submission
00322Glenn Sant, TRAFFICOnline Submission
00331Coalition for Justice and Peace in PalestineOnline Submission
00342AgForce QueenslandOnline Submission
00363Caroline Le Couteur MLA, ACT GreensOnline Submission
00371Parmalat Australia LtdOnline Submission
00378Kate StaceyOnline Submission
00383Foundation for Advertising ResearchOnline Submission
00389AnonymousOnline Submission
00395Irene SchardijnOnline Submission
00406AnonymousOnline Submission
00069Tracy SkippingsOnline Submission
00070Australian Authenticity LogoOnline Submission
00073Subway Systems AustraliaOnline Submission
00075Lin BellOnline Submission
00077Juliet DingleOnline Submission
00079AnonymousOnline Submission
00080(MEG Inc) Moorabool Environment Group IncOnline Submission
00081John PearsonOnline Submission
00084AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00085Peter John ChenOnline Submission
00089Peter HillPostal/Email Submission
00090Linda ZibellOnline Submission
00091Lu ThekOnline Submission
00094Brent FletcherOnline Submission
00128Diane EversOnline Submission
00146AnonymousOnline Submission
00161James GruberOnline Submission
00170GROWCOMOnline Submission
00184Owen MuddleOnline Submission
00187Be Free Incorporated KerikeriOnline Submission
00190Canterbury District Health BoardOnline Submission
00194Monsanto AustraliaOnline Submission
00215Soil Assciation of SAOnline Submission
00219Leda Nutrition Online Submission
00222Allergy New Zealand IncOnline Submission
00224Charlotte KingOnline Submission
00239AnonymousOnline Submission
00242Angela TurnerOnline Submission
00244Alison LyssaPostal/Email Submission
00246HeatherOnline Submission
00256NASAAOnline Submission
00252Nick XenophonOnline Submission
00259AnonymousOnline Submission
00264Kathy MarksOnline Submission
00268Judith DrakeOnline Submission
00269Australian Marine Conservation SocietyOnline Submission
00273Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Australia IncPostal/Email Submission
00290Dr Stephen WhiteOnline Submission
00296Fetal Alcohol Network New ZealandOnline Submission
00297AnonymousPostal/Email Submission
00314GM Free Consumers NetworkOnline Submission
00324Allergen BureauOnline Submission
00334Ian DoughtyOnline Submission
00351Alex SalmonOnline Submission
00366Jenny Mikakos MPPostal/Email Submission
00382Judy CameronOnline Submission
00384Coo-eeePostal/Email Submission
00388Professors Kerin O'Dea, Mike Daube and Louise BaurPostal/Email Submission
00541Local Health Authorities Analytical CommitteePostal/Email Submission
00555Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and ResearchPostal/Email Submission
00097Western Australian Fishing Industry CouncilOnline Submission
00099Michael SmithOnline Submission
00102Robert LoblayOnline Submission
00112MiguelOnline Submission
00114Simon LovattOnline Submission
00117Ian BucklandOnline Submission
00120Pamela WilliamsOnline Submission
00124Lawry TwiningOnline Submission
00141Des SibraaOnline Submission
00142Alcohol Action KerikeriOnline Submission
00163Ken wylieOnline Submission
00206Dietitians New Zealand (formerly NZDA)Postal/Email Submission
00213McNairOnline Submission
00229Robyn JacksonOnline Submission
00236AnonymousOnline Submission
00250AnonymousOnline Submission
00266Auckland Regional Public Health ServicePostal/Email Submission
00274Lee CollisOnline Submission
00279MichaelOnline Submission
00298George Weston Foods LimitedOnline Submission
00305Richard and Lyn CalitzOnline Submission
00307Animal Law Committee of the Law Society of South AustraliaOnline Submission
00317The Organic Food Chain Pty LtdOnline Submission
00326Australian Made, Australian Grown CampaignPostal/Email Submission
00327AnonymousOnline Submission
00328Prevention Research Collaboration, Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition and Exercise, The University of SydneyOnline Submission
00348Janine WallerOnline Submission
00355Australian Association of National AdvertisersOnline Submission
00369Robert SieminskiOnline Submission
00387National Seafood Industry AllianceOnline Submission
00409John KayeOnline Submission

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